“RARE” Plaque USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN 686) ONE of Six




A very heavy Plaque USS L. MENDEL RIVERS (SSN 686). Plaque is 13-5/8″ X 9-3/4″ and wood backing is 16-1/4″ X 12-5/8″

Regarding the plaque with the quote from the Constitution:

  1. Congressman Rivers had one in his Office when he was Chairman of the House Armed Services. (One of the stories associated with the plaque occurred when someone in congress challenged Rivers’ support of the military. As the story goes Rivers listened to some diatribe about funding for the military which included a well deserved pay raise for the soldiers, airmen and sailors. His response was to point to the plaque on the wall of his office. After the rival read the quote, he turned and saluted Rivers and quickly departed his office.)
  2. Six additional plaques were made in the mid-1970’s.
  3. This plaque is one of the six.
  4. One of the six was installed in the USS L. Mendel RIVERS (SSN 686). Note: Rivers is a 637 Class Nuclear Attack Submarine.
  5. The others were all given to dignitaries from the state of South Carolina, Rivers’ home state.


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