Fallout 4 3D Medal Challenge Coin Limited Edition Military Exclusive

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Rare United States Military base exclusive Fallout 4 promotional Challenge Coin that was only given out at Military bases when you purchased the Fallout 4 video game for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 during the launch date.

The pictures show the front and back of one coin but you have the option to buy more than one. Please keep in mind that even though these challenge coins are BRAND NEW they may still show minor cosmetic imperfections that are a result of the manufacturing process. Examples of these imperfections can be extra or darker shading/grunge effect paint on the front, minor bubbles or small scratch marks, etc. No two coins are 100% identical as is the case with most challenge coins.

Small plastic stand is NOT included and was used only to ensure there was minimal glare during the photo taking process.

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