Curved Turkish Ottoman Empire Officer Sword


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Curved Turkish Ottoman Empire Officer Sword was famous for being commonly used for hand-to-hand combat. This sword is 100% authentic and is from the 1800’s time period. The handles were most commonly made of bone – horn, and encrusted with semi precious stones as this one is. Scabbard is brass and colorful cloth outside.

The blades were especially decorated with carved script motives.

The handle has a typical Balkan raised knobbed design, the re-curved single edged blade is ornamented with a gold inlaid Arabic design on one side probably the makers name or the owners name. On the otherside the entire length of the blade is carved script motives.

The bone is in very nice condition with some surface cracks and reflection of years. The blade condition in general is very nice, not sharpened. The closed sword is about 29-1/2″ long the scabbard is 23-1/2″ long and blade is 22-1/4″ long.


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